Doing Both?

Life can be planned to an extent, but interests change.  Change… If anyone asked me a year back if I would have been a wife to someone or even a mother, I would have chuckled. With many different ways I could have went with my life, I picked one of the hardest but most rewarding jobs. The blessing of being a mother is one thing and the privilege of being an attorney is another. My whole life, the idea of being one with someone was never something I imagined to do. The idea of marriage, children, and law school never occurred to me in my future plans. A husband and a baby later, I can say that it was the best thing I did not plan. The things I least expected turn out to be the most rewarding gifts in life. As I became a mother, I decided in that moment that I would keep my work life and my social life very separate. Once I became a mother, I learned the task of balancing my work life and my obligations as a mother. I am a mother first and an attorney second. I had this precious little baby boy and big attorney dreams.

After working at a juvenile detention facility for a few years, I enrolled at the University of Colorado, Boulder to attend law school and help those young children even more. Years later, I am working a job that allows me to serve the community as an attorney, and I am even still able to see the students from the facilities as their attorney. With the blessing of only working four days a weeks, I am able to be with my son and the community much more. Being a part of the Greeley community is a blessing I would never give up. Coming from California, I never expected to be in such a little town, but I now realize that Greeley is home. I have gotten the opportunity to help with the building of the Atlas Theater. The Atlas is a theater and coffee shop — many days and dollars have been spent at this wonderful place. Every Sunday, my son and I attend church service at the theater, and then I spend the rest of my time with him in the coffee shop. I love the fact that I can let my son run wild at the shop with no thought of losing him. Everyone has become family in this community; never do I fear that my son will get kidnapped with all our family watching over him.

Being an attorney was the best decision I ever made for myself, and with an amazing firm that I work for, I am able to grow professionally much sooner than I would have expected. I work for a woman who owns her own practice; in the future, she is expecting to retire, which allows me to be in her position. Before accepting the position with her firm, I was given a position in Washington, DC as an attorney . This position would have allowed me to be financially secure and allow my husband to stay at home with our son. Knowing I would be a very distant wife and mother, I turned that position down. I could not leave my family to grow without a strong mother role. Plus, I would have missed my Greeley community very much.

The birth of my son made me change as a person, and it made me realize how valuable I can be. Being a very open spirit, I found myself slowly being less open to things for the sake of my son. But, with the best community here in Greeley, I do feel that I have many eyes watching over my son, which lets me relax in most situations. Having most of my life planned out, I never imagined having my own child, but now I cannot imagine life without my beautiful son. Having my son is the most rewarding gift life gave me.